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Our “Dollar Tree” Christmas Tree

So I haven’t done a full out Christmas since I was like 12!  Our family stopped putting up Christmas Trees since then, with an occasional Charlie Brown tree (little tree).  Now we have Peyton so she knows what is going on this year so we had to get a tree.  I wanted a fake one because I always think a squirrel is going to come out like on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation but Mister insisted on a real one.

Now for the decorations!  I am starting from scratch.  I quickly learned that decorations are expensive.  I would rather spend that money on clothes for Peyton!  Hobby Lobby had 50% off Holiday decorations last weekend but Peyton decided to drop a load while I was looking around and we had to leave.  So I took her home and headed back to Hobby Lobby.  There is a Dollar Tree next to my Hobby Lobby so I ran in there first just to see what they had.  JACKPOT!  The have pretty decent tree decorations.

They had Christmas bulb packages of 15 for $1!  I got some nicer ones of 5 for $1.   So after about $25 in Dollar Tree, here is our tree!

 I am in no way a decorated so this is what you get!  I think it’s a start.

Here are the bulbs up close. I am not sure what they are made of but its not really glass so they are not easy for Peyton to break. I still need to fill in some more spaces but this tree works for me.
Did you put up a Christmas Tree?  Where do you find the best Holiday deals for decorating?
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