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May 30, 2012

Cuddly Monkey Bag Review + Giveaway!

 Summertime is here and it is all about the tote!  Your running to the pool, picnics and weekends away you need a perfect bag to carry your goods.  I want to introduce you to my Cuddly Monkey tote. 

August 31, 2011

The Diaper Bags of Your Dreams!

While I was preggers I spent a lot of time obsessing over diaper bags!  My plan was to get a Gucci but I didn't feel it was funtional enought for the price.  I also wanted one to match her room and stroller.  So I ordered this Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake bag. 

Lovely isn't it! Looks like a big purse (that you can eat).  It also came with cross body strap. The price was about $300!  Then everything changed when I ended up getting this stroller a month before Peyton came.

The two don't even go together!  So I was not able to return the bag because I orded it from a boutique in Cali.  So I threw it on Ebay and it sold quickly.    So I kept looking and came across this bag.

JJ Cole Swag Bag.  Paid about $100 for it.  I lucked out I that I found a bag I like for this price!  Mister was happy!

It ended up being a durable bag!  I took several flight and wore it crossbody all the time.  But I still dream about diaper bags!  Here are some beauties that are out there now! I would take anyone of these!

Gucci Mama Bag - My FAV!!!

As you can see I like diaper bags that look like big purses!  Face it, it is your new PURSE!

What is the Diaper Bag of your dreams? What bag did you carry?  Did you break the bank?